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As you know Lance Flair had been responsible for the Reverend Lance Flair Solo Project.
He has just finished a ten month tour on the lecture circuit, speaking on the occult and ESP. Now he has reformed the group and is back with a vengence!

Lance Flair has just released two tracks from his upcoming album on the Outlaw Entertainment CD-sampler. It is available here at the web site . As well as the Reverend Lance Flair cassette is still available.

I want to hear the The Reverend Lance Flair tracks -
Send me the Outlaw CD free!

Tracks from the The Reverend Lance Flair CD
The Ballad of William Bloat
The Hag
The Charge of the Light Brigade
The Initiation
The Conqueror Worm

For for more info, Tour dates, Shirts, Tapes, and Correspondence contact Fiasco Bros. Recording Studios at (604)525-3974 or e-mail Len Osanic at osanic@astridmm.com

Who or what is the man behind the Musical Ministry Madness ?

The omnipotent gods of heavy metal have brought forth their divinely inspired messenger to sermon the masses. Their messenger, the good Rev. Lance Flair unleashes his ministry of hell fire and damnation with undue brutality and blood chilling raw viciousness. But, at the same time, he expresses himself with a highly refined musical sophistication. His work possesses the terror and reality of the Grand Days of Christianity, particularly the witch hunts, which unjustly damned the lives of millions. His hostility and outrage towards the Church for their actions inflames him to a frenzied hysteria, which blatantly colors his artistic expression. In his music he ingeniously incorporates a level of special effects that is revolutionary to the world of Rock 'N' Roll music. That which has not previously been explored he develops to a fine art form. Who or what is the man behind the musical ministry and the madness that is bringing this new form of heresy to terrorize the world?

Musically his goal is to bring each piece that he has divinely created to life, to make it a living experience for the listener. He masterfully uses his unique vocal techniques and production abilities to fully animate each of his musical creations; giving them terrorizing life through sound. No matter how well you get to know Lance, he still remains a man of many mysteries. He is a very good-humored individual; intelligent, witty, and well educated.

Among his many abilities and talents he is a true mystic. He is one of the most prolific occult practitioners and philosophers of modern times, whose exploits have been well documented and publicly recognized. The easiest way to sum up the Good Rev. Lance Flair is to imagine the creation you would have if you were to cross-breed Aleister Crowley and Vincent Price, and reincarnate this entity into the world of heavy metal. This is a scary thought but intriguing also.

Lance is a dynamic personality and natural grand showman, who has a strong experience in speaking to and exciting audiences. Early in his career he refined his ability to present himself in a pleasing manner by gyrating his money maker on stage as an erotic dancer; to the delight of thousands of wanton women. As a mystic he gained much notoriety when he hosted his phone-in talk show. Weekly he was flooded by callers and quickly became the top show for CHPQ radio, shocking and stunning thousands with his paranormal abilities.

Also among his career highlights two U.S.A. nation-wide tours, the latest in 1994-1995. There he dazzled thousands with lectures on the paranormal and ancient philosophies and rites. During these tours, under fraud-proof conditions, he demonstrated astounding paranormal abilities. Probably one of the most publicized events of his career occurred a few years back when he was featured on the National News for his work in finding a missing child. His predictions were made on air and subsequently proven to be correct. This story was carried in hundreds of papers. These are but a few things about the Good Rev. Lance Flair. Upcoming on this web site will be information about his life and exploits.

For more information or correspondence with Lance Flair,
you can E-mail at osanic@astridmm.com

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